10 Reasons To Have A Personal Colour Analysis


This video has come from Suzanne Baker, all about the top 10 reasons to have a personal colour analysis. If you’ve been thinking about having a colour analysis but didn’t know what the benefits are, you might want to watch this video. Suzanne Baker is a personal stylist and wardrobe consultant based in London. From this video, you can see that having a personal colour analysis can help you choose the right colours to suit your skin tone and boost your confidence. Someone who struggles to find confidence in what they wear can really benefit from having a personal colour analysis and hiring a personal stylist. Having a personal colour analysis helps you to decide which colours are the most suited to you, and will benefit your personal style. Even if you think you know what colours suit you, these top 10 reasons apply to everyone, no matter how stylish you are. Suzanne Baker is available for appointments to help you with your personal colour analysis.

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